The Courtyard


Project development

Business plan | Project management

Architectural & interior

Internal building layout plans |  Interiors & light equipment | Shop-fit fixtures & fittings


Food retail space planning | Product procurement & ranging | Product development & own brand | Menu development | EPOS system | Retail training

Visual merchandising

Display plans | Visual merchandising & training


Branding & design | POS & signage | Packaging & label design

The Courtyard | Elveden Estate

Project overview
The project focused on developing The Courtyard, a farm shop and restaurant nestled in the heart of the Elveden Estate. Our initial task was to help them create the estate branding, utilising their family crest. The ambitious project also included the development of their own estate ale and Elvedendilli, both of which utilised ingredients from their farms and were to be sold within the farm shop.

Services provided
Our team provided a broad spectrum of services for this project. We began by crafting a robust business plan and overseeing the project management.

In terms of physical layout, we designed the internal building plans, sourced and installed interiors & light equipment along with shop-fit fixtures & fittings to create a welcoming and efficient retail environment.

Food retail space planning was meticulously carried out to optimise product placement and customer flow. Our team also managed product procurement, product development and menu development for the restaurant. We implemented EPOS systems for streamlined retail operations and designed display plans for effective product showcasing. Retail training and visual merchandising were also provided to maintain the shop’s aesthetic standards and service quality.

Our creative team worked on enhancing the Elveden Estate’s brand identity, using their family crest. We then created bespoke signage and designed labels for their own brand products.

The outcome
The Courtyard, with its farm shop and restaurant, has become a central attraction on the Elveden Estate. The unique branding, incorporating the family crest, has given a distinctive identity to the estate and its offerings.

The introduction of the estate’s own ale and Elvedendilli has added to the appeal of The Courtyard, attracting both locals and visitors alike. These products have been well-received and continue to be popular choices within the farm shop. The comprehensive retail training provided to the staff has ensured a high level of customer service, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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