Seasons Kitchen & Farm Shop


Project development

Business plan | Project management | Recruitment | Licensing application | Concessions

Architectural & interior

Internal building layout plans | SketchUp design | Interiors & light equipment | Shop-fit fixtures & fittings


Food retail space planning | Product procurement & ranging | Menu development | EPOS Systems

Visual merchandising

Display plans | Visual merchandising & training


Branding & design | POS & signage

Seasons Kitchen & Farm Shop

Project overview
Seasons Kitchen & Farm Shop nestled in the picturesque Lavershot Barns, Surrey, is a project that exemplifies a successful fusion of local farm produce and delightful culinary experiences. The primary goal was to create an establishment that would serve as a beacon for local, sustainable food whilst also providing a unique dining experience. This comprehensive project involved everything from business planning and project management to branding and design.

Services provided
Our team delivered a wide range of services to bring the Seasons Kitchen & Farm Shop to life. We started with a detailed business plan and took on the responsibility of project management, ensuring that every aspect of the project was executed seamlessly; this included recruitment of the staff, handling the licensing application and managing concessions. Our design team crafted internal building layout plans and used SketchUp to create a 3D model of the space. We also worked on the interiors, sourcing and installing light equipment and shop-fit fixtures & fittings to create a warm, inviting ambience.

The food retail space was meticulously planned and we managed the procurement & range of products, focusing on promoting local produce. Our culinary team developed a diverse menu and we implemented EPOS Systems to streamline operations. We also created display plans and provided visual merchandising & training to ensure the shop’s presentation was appealing and aligned with the brand. Our branding & design team worked on creating a distinctive identity for the Seasons Kitchen & Farm Shop, designing POS & signage that resonated with the identity.

The outcome
The Seasons Kitchen & Farm Shop has grown into a popular destination for locals and visitors seeking fresh, locally sourced food and a unique dining experience. The project’s success is evident in its steady growth and high customer satisfaction levels. From the inviting interiors to the beautifully arranged displays and the enticing menu, every element of the Seasons Kitchen & Farm Shop reflects our commitment to quality and attention to detail. The project has not only resulted in a thriving business but also contributed to the promotion of local produce, reinforcing the importance of sustainable farming practices.

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