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Appetite Me operates as an outsourced purchasing department for a variety of businesses including large country estates, landowners, retail and hospitality businesses as well as garden centres. 

We negotiate on behalf of these clients with carefully selected suppliers, sourcing the very best local and regional artisan foods and gifts as well as several national distributors, promoting the most exciting national brands in the market.


Product Ranging

The Appetite Me buying team pride themselves on their experience and knowledge in selecting the best products for your business. Through effective category management systems and merchandising expertise, the right retail products are selected to drive sales forward in today’s competitive market. With creative and intelligent visual merchandising we encourage customers to link-buy by coupling complimentary products together. 

EPoS System

The EPoS system is an invaluable tool when it comes to product ranging due to its in-depth and accurate stock management records. This highly detailed system enables you to create factual sale reports tracking best-sellers and low-performing products and analyse customers’ buying behaviours and trends. This allows for quickly and easy stock adjustment to maximise profit and meet customer needs. The system can also be an important marketing tool, as you can easily set up promotions and offers and track how these changes impact sales, along with tracking purchasing habits through loyalty cards, which in turn will help you adjust your display to increase the up-sale of products.

Promotional Merchandising

The annual cycle of sales merchandising changes along with the seasons. The Appetite Me team ensure an optimum maximisation of space is used to display your promotional merchandise, significantly increasing your sales potential with the changing seasons, calendar events, and holidays.

Tasting Days

Throughout the year we arrange tasting days with your local suppliers to be held at your centre. These have proved very popular and profitable for both retailers the suppliers, with sales increasing dramatically for produce being tasted on the day. Our consultants organise products that are suitable and are of high demand for the appropriate seasons, and busy periods such as Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays. Catering for seasonal demand will ultimate increase the tasting day’s success and create the optimal opportunity for increased sales and profit.

Local Sourcing

Supporting and promoting local and regional food and drinks artisans is at the heart of all we do. Our buyers work hard to source the very best suppliers in your area to supply restaurants, farm shops, delis, butchers, food halls and gift shops. Having a keen eye for detail is critical when it comes to ranging the best food outlets and restaurants. Supporting the region through ethical business methods is more important than ever now with increased consumer expectations of local produce with provenance and low carbon footprint high on the agenda.

We build close working relationships and connections with local and regional food groups throughout the UK to deliver the highest quality locally produced food, beverage and lifestyle products for your business. Our buyers understand the importance of building solid relationships with suppliers and we are highly experienced in dealing with, assessing and matching all supplier categories ensuring they meet your business requirements. Our aim is to help your team instil and adopt a quality mind-set in order to implement as many ranges as possible to increase turnover and footfall, and ultimately cash profit.

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