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Winter Food Trends

With the evenings getting a lot darker now and the weather getting colder and wetter there is no mistaking that winter is fastly approaching us and with that comes cravings for comfort food and hot beverages to keep us warm and toasty and give our tummies that content feeling. Here at Appetite Me I am sure it does not come as a surprise that we love food, so we wanted to share our favourite comfort foods we will definitely be making this winter.

- Mac & Cheese - It's such a simple dish but with a couple of tweaks its turn this dish into a complete game changer. We are a lover of cheese so we use 3 to 4 different types of cheese to create a feel cheesey flavour that has a lot of depth. We also add sun blush tomatoes and fresh spring onions cut up really finely, we then finished it off by sprinkling bread crumbs on top until they turn golden in the oven.

- Vegetable Soup with Crusty Bread - We love taking all the seasonal vegetables - squashes, pumpkin, courgettes, carrots, onions - chopping them all up and cooked together in water and stock. Blend together and add some cream, serve with a crusty piece of fresh bread and proper butter.

- Game Stew - its game season, so it'd be a shame to miss out on all the great game meat available this time of year. Why not make a mixed game meat stew with fennel, carrots, onion and parsnips, which is slow cooked in stock and red wine, served with creamy mash potato.

- Moroccan Lamb Flat Breads - Free range lamb coated in moroccan spices such as cumin, ginger and cinnamon, with fresh rocket leaves coated in creamy yoghurt mixed with fresh mint and garlic, and topped off with pomegranate seeds.

- Winter Nights Chilli - This is not your regular chilli, we use free range beef mixed with a mix of black beans and kidney beans, butternut squash, peppers, onions and chopped tomatoes, seasoned with paprika, cumin, coriander and cayenne pepper. Which we top off with creme fraiche, guacamole and cheese.

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