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What Makes a Great Product

We have been around the block when it comes to food and beverages and we know what we are looking for when on the hunt for a great product. When deciding what products to stock in our clients farm shops and food retail outlets there are a few important aspects that we take into consideration.

Look - This includes both the product itself but also how it is packaged and presented. You can have the best tasting product in the world but if it is not attractive to the eye the consumer will not buy it and will opt for a better looking product. Presentation is everything and we look for products that are well crafted, with close attention to detail. We also want to see well thought about packaging, it doesn't have to be anything fancy or overly clever, but consideration in how it will be displayed in store, how it informs and attracts the consumers attention, does it work with your branding and story are all key areas to think about when taking your product to retail.

Taste - You can have a product that looks the part but if taste lets it down, yes you may receive initial sales but building a regular customer base becomes unlikely. When it comes down to taste we want to see fresh, good quality ingredients, that when possible are locally and regionally sourced. We are looking for products that taste great with flavours and textures that suit the product. For example we want jam to taste naturally fruity, cakes to be fresh, light and moist and meat to be high quality with great animal welfare standards.

Location - With the increased exposure of shopping locally and knowing where your food comes from in the media, consumers increased awareness has lead to them opting more and more for local and regional produce, as well as wanting more transparency on ingredients and production methods from the brands they buy from. When sourcing food and beverages for our clients we work within a 60 mile radius for regional producers and within a 30 mile radius for local producers from where our client is based.

Independent - Our clients are looking for suppliers that are independent businesses, which unfortunately means if your products are being stocked in supermarkets it is likely our clients won't want to stock your products. This is because they want to create a destination place and create a point of difference in their retail space by providing their customers with beautiful food they can't find in the supermarket.

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