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Supplier Spotlight: The Treat Kitchen

This week we have had a sit down with the lovely The Treat Kitchen to find out more about how they got started, where the idea of there beautiful packaging comes from and what's their favourite flavour. 

Tell us a little bit about your background 

The Treat Kitchen’s CEO Martin Barnett comes from a family of sweet manufactures who have been making sweets since the 1800s. Even as a kid he would work on market stalls with his Dad selling sweets to the people of Nottingham. Then later in life Martin was offered a job in Australia as Head Confectionery Buyer for a major supermarket so he and his wife Jess relocated from Nottingham to do just that.

When was the The Treat Kitchen born?

The Treat Kitchen was born in the summer of 2014 with their flagship store opening on the 1st of September 2014. But the wholesale arm of the business did not start until September 2017.

What made you decide to create TTK?

Jess and Martin’s son Max was born in March of 2014. After coming home to introduce Max to their family, Martin and Jess decided that after 4 years it was time for them to move back to their home town of Nottingham for good. But when they returned Martin knew he didn’t want to work for a large company anymore. So using the connections and expertise he had gained in Australia, he and Jess decided to set up a business model that at the time Nottingham was lacking – a confectionery retailer with a modern twist.

Have you always been passionate about sweets? If so where did that passion stem from?

The passion stems from Martin’s family history. The new, quirky flavours such as strawberry and prosecco and gin and tonic come from the team’s interest in trend flavours.

If someone was creating a hamper from your range what would you suggest they put in it?

You can never go wrong with the classics like a rhubarb and custard or a mini chocolate jazzle. But you must pair them up with something different like our pina colada gummies.

What’s the weirdest flavour request you have been asked for?

We have been asked for so many weird flavours over the years. The latest being Yorkshire pudding and fish and chips!

What is your favourite flavour and product?

It’s a tossup between our peach bellini gummies or the blue and pink fizzy bubblegum bottles. I’m a big gummy sweet fan.

We love your packaging, tell us more about the idea behind them.

We have purposely built a team of high potential people who are on the ball with trend and innovation. That is why our printed packaging like our Chocolate Boxes feature on-trend prints like jungle which you would also find in high street fashion retailers. We also choose to use glass, recyclable card and resealable pouches as we want to encourage our customers to recycle, or more importantly upcycle, where they can. Our 500ml glass milk bottles make great drinks bottles once the treats inside have been devoured.

What are your future plans for TTK?

Although it is only August we are already planning for Valentine’s, Easter and Mother’s Day 2019. Last year our Gin and Tonic Easter Egg went viral with coverage from most major national press print and online. This is year we plan to do it again with an even big range of gin infused eggs. Moreover, we will be developing more dietary specific ranges to cater to wider range of customers including more vegan options.  

Have we missed anything? Our design team are not only good at what they do but they also at our customer’s disposal. If you are looking for a tailor made of confectionery with own branding then The Treat Kitchen can help. We already work with a range of major customers already such as Alton Towers and Liverpool Football Club to provide them with their own successful, own branded range of confectionery. If you have an idea, The Treat Kitchen can help make it happen.

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Main Office

Manor Farm, Ixworth Thorpe, Suffolk IP31 1QH

Regional Office

47 Queen Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7EY

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