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Film Watching With the Popcorn Shed

Say goodbye to boring, tasteless popcorns.  Our gourmet popcorn tastes better than the competition, is beautifully branded and our pack formats are both unique and eye-catching.

Our production process is complex.  Whilst our competitors apply spray-on and powder coatings in an industrial process, Popcorn Shed uses an artisan cooking process by making a fresh caramel batch with each production run.  Our popcorn is tumbled in fresh caramel before being scattered with melted chocolate, nuts and dried fruit.  This ensures a deep, rich flavour and provides a lovely texture to every single kernel.

The founders are passionate about great tasting products, and building a lifestyle brand from scratch that has real meaning and resonates with consumers.  We believe that our popcorn brings people together, enhancing those special moments we spend with friends, family and loved ones.  By sharing and consuming our popcorn treats, our customers' lives are made that little bit happier and more joyful!  Popcorn Shed exists to build relationships, and put smiles on our customer's faces.

  1. If Butterly Nuts was film… we’d like to say the nutty professor because it has a great ring to it but it’s probably more aligned to another of Eddie Murphy’s film Dr Dolitte where he’s able to talk to animals which is a bit Nuts, 'Buttery Nuts’ ! Popcorn Shed's Peanut Butter Gourmet Popcorn masters the salty nutty flavour balance. The rich creamy peanut butter Caramel with nutty notes is topped with real peanut halves for an irresistible crunch. Butterly Nuts is a delightful treat for anyone's taste buds. Beware: Nibbling squirrels may appear once opened! So you may need to talk to them also, to tell them to back off!

  2. If Berry-licious was a film it would be Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. All you need is love (and popcorn!) Welcome to the love shed baby, yeaahhh! We're all bout sharing at Popcorn Shed and have been spreading kernel-shaped love since 2016. Romeo and Juliet step out the way, berries and popcorn are in town. And there is nothing better to get you in the mood than our tantalising dark chocolate, sweet juicy berries and popped kernels of passion.

  3. If Pop ’N’ Choc was a film it would be Enchanted. Every kernel is topped with yummy, smooth Belgian milk chocolate giving you a delicious chocolate taste experience. Our Pop 'n' Choc popcorn 'shed' is inspired by an enchanted fairytale log cabin shed! This enchanted fairytale log cabin shed was dreamt up by popcorn obsessed founders Laura & Sam in deepest darkest forests, where imaginations and taste-buds run wild. Decadent Belgian milk chocolate logs chopped by unicorn horns and rolled by bear paws in our magical cabin of wonders. Little Red Riding Hood, eat your heart out!

  4. If Say Cheese! was a film it would be Ratatouille. Bonjour, Mon Cheri! Pass the fromage, s'il te plait! Our quaint farmhouse chateau shed is nestled in an idyllic French ville, with vineyards and cows dotting the horizon. Enjoy the goo-ey, creaminess, with beaucoup of flavour and a touch of what the French call… 'Je ne sais quoi'! Bon appetit!

  5. If Salted Caramel was a film it would be The Beach… Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Sea-salted buttery caramel with velvety, creamy Belgian milk chocolate. Ahoy there, sailor! This quintessentially British beach shed takes us back to building sandcastles and belly flopping into freezing cold water during bright and breezy summer holidays by the seaside (minus the rain)! Our sumptuous sea-salted caramel popcorn lets you enjoy the taste of summer all year round.

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Main Office

Manor Farm, Ixworth Thorpe, Suffolk IP31 1QH

Regional Office

47 Queen Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7EY

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