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Christmas In July

We know its way to early to drop the C word yet! Especially with the hot weather we have been having, its hard to think of the festive seasons. But for us Christmas starts in July! July is always a busy month for us as we are busy sourcing all the seasonal stock for our clients ready for the festive season.

But how do we pick what to source for our clients?

This year one of our main focus areas has been creating stories through our selections and within the visual merchandising. By creating a narrative within the food and display it builds a beautiful story that not only sells the products but creates a whole sensory experience for the customer. As these stories are not created purely on aesthetics but also through smell, and where possible taste. Shopping has become far more than placing things on the shelf, it is creating a piece of theatre and really connecting with customers through nostalgia. Think warm snuggly textures, frosty glistening snow and hints of cinnamon and pine trees.

There are also key food and drink areas that we particularly focus on, big areas for us obviously include, food gifting - items that are in beautiful packaging and presentation boxes, fun and cute stocking fillers, alcohol, and ambient products that are very popular over the festive season such as crackers, biscuits and other snacks pieces. And of course cheese is a big one, who could forget cheese!

We also keep a very watchful eye on food trends and are always on the look out for something a bit different and special to source for our clients. That can be anything from beautiful or unusual packaging and detailing, new and interesting flavours, or new artisan skills, we love looking for new products and discovering food and drink beverages that have an interesting twist to them.

There is a lot that goes into the food buying for our clients, obviously theres the really fun bit of selecting the ranges and creating a beautiful offering. But there is also the scary bit of ordering and stock allocations making sure all our clients have the right quantity over the festive season can be quite a stressful process. However, our many years in the industry and knowledge in trends and shopping profiles helps make the ordering a lot easier.

So for us Christmas is all wrapped up. We can't wait to see all the amazing festive goodness in our clients centres later this year.


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