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POS & signage

POS (Point of sale)

The design of your shop’s Point of Sale (POS) is key in reinforcing brand identity and enhancing customer experience. POS that aligns with your brand’s aesthetic ensures a unified visual experience. Clarity in displaying prices, offers, and dietary notes will also facilitate informed purchases. Promoting local products strengthens community ties and enhances your brand identity.

Our team will design and print all your branded POS for the shop opening in a high-quality. If required, we can also create editable PowerPoint versions of the POS for your staff to update and print in the future, along with a detailed training guide. 

Print your POS in-house with your EPOS supplier

We can also work with your EPOS supplier if required.

Interior & exterior signage

Signage design is an essential component of brand visibility and customer experience. Working closely with shop fitters, we craft exterior and interior signs that reflect your brand’s aesthetic.
From cut signs to window vinyl, each element is designed to guide customers effectively. We also work with sign painters who can create bespoke wayfinding, ensuring a seamless navigation experience within your shop, further enhancing the customer journey, and reinforcing your brand identity.

Estate/supplier maps

We can craft bespoke estate maps, designed to echo the unique style of your brand. These maps can serve multiple purposes; they can be utilised as point-of-sale signage in retail areas, indicating where products are sourced from, or submitted to planning authorities to illustrate your vision for estate development. Additionally, they can be produced as large signs, providing clear directions to customers navigating around the estate. Our custom-designed estate maps not only add a touch of your brand’s personality but also enhance functionality and customer experience.

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