Comprehensive support to suit your specific needs

Six-month marketing support package

Our partners are prepared to offer six months of comprehensive support, which includes creating content and implementing marketing strategies to ensure the successful promotion and growth of your brand. This package is fully customisable to suit your specific needs.

Services we can provide range from PR creation, influencer collaborations, social media scheduling, and online customer engagement, to organising professional photography sessions, launching events, and writing engaging newsletters. Our aim is to provide a holistic marketing solution tailored to your brand’s unique requirements.

A flat-lay of strawberries and desserts on a chopping board.

Your 6-month package includes the following:


A thorough review of your marketing assets.

Press release

Creation, distribution, and follow-up of news releases, event support and targeted coverage.

Influencer partnership

Collaborations with influencers, online & offline.

Social media management

Post creation, scheduling, audience interaction & partnership development.

Network Access

Entry to The Food & Drink Marketing Experts (TFME) network.


Creation of customer newsletters, blog writing & proofreading of marketing materials.

Database expansion

Growth strategies to increase your database size.

Marketing opportunities

Leverage environmental credentials with our partner, Creating Nature’s Corridors.


Creation and distribution of regular newsletters.

Customer engagement

Organising collaborations, competitions, sharing reviews & testimonials.


Inclusion in Grub Club Events for company exposure.


Support for business partners & networking opportunities.

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