Helping you manage your retail or hospitality operation

Land management

Property tenanting

Unlock the potential of your retail or hospitality operation with our specialised tenanting services. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in these sectors, and we’re committed to finding the perfect tenants for your spaces. Our team focuses on identifying businesses that align with your property’s ambiance, ensuring a harmonious blend of offerings that enhance the overall customer experience. From lease negotiations to ongoing tenant relations, we provide a comprehensive solution that makes your property more than just a location – but a destination. Trust us to transform your property into a vibrant hub of retail and hospitality excellence.


Retail villages

Retail villages offer a unique blend of shopping, culture, and community. These villages are often collections of individual retailers, which can range from artisan food and gifting, wellness centres, beauty and skincare to a garden nursery, bakery, art gallery and clothing.
What sets these villages apart is their commitment to showcasing the work of local businesses to offer a distinctive shopping experience. Some villages even include dining and entertainment options, making them a full-day destination.

Leasing & retail villages

Experience our agency and letting services for retail villages with our specialist team. Whether you’re a property owner or a retailer seeking the perfect spot, we’re here for you. Our team expertly navigates retail village dynamics, optimising your development for success.

We provide personalised, strategic solutions aligning with your business objectives. For owners, we do more than fill spaces – we find complementary tenants to create a vibrant retail environment. For retailers, we offer more than just space. We guide you into a thriving community that enhances your brand.

Beyond leasing, we manage lease agreements efficiently, handling every detail for smooth operations. With us, you get a seamless experience from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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