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Food Retail

Through our extensive experience we have worked on numerous projects, designing and implementing the layout of food halls and farm shops for both independent enterprises and group businesses. Our passion for local and regional produce is evident in our work; we pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality artisans and creating strong relationships and connections with suppliers.

When sourcing products for a retail outlet there are four major categories - fresh, ambient food, kitchen cupboard specialities and alcohol. Our experts can introduce your business to a wider product offering that may be appropriate to your business needs, some of these may include fresh and local fruit and vegetables, fresh British flowers, local and regional meat counters (pre-packed and staffed-served products), fish counters, diary, cheese and delicatessen counters, fresh chocolate cabinets, hampers and beautiful gift boxes.

Our consultants work closely with you to help increase your own brand awareness and quality. We will manage the introduction of your own specialised food label across your fresh food range, beverages and kitchen cupboard essentials. Through the EPoS system, which we can install, you can manage your food retail business both efficiently and effectively. Through detailed reporting for sales, marketing and accounting, it enables you to adapt your offering to your customers needs and in turn generate more cash profit.

We work hard to ensure your business stays up to date with the latest regional and national food and drink trends, making sure your offering is current and stocked with products of high demand. Seasonal procurement is essential for any food retailer as it represents a significant amount of sales turnover throughout the year. Appetite Me will help you and your customers enjoy the best produce during every holiday and season.

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