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The Appetite Me team are unique in that we offer true professional knowledge to utilise a comprehensive range of diversification projects. Through our extensive experience we specialise in diversifying land and buildings into a variety of commercial revenue streams. From building a concession village within the grounds of your estate to creating your own brand based produce, our experts are here to advise you on a range of potential business ideas.

Diversification is the process by which an establishment branches out from its traditional means into new lucrative projects; this can be in place of or additional to conventional pursuits. Diversification opens up opportunities for business growth and development, acquiring new customers, increasing revenue, and utilising existing expertise and developing new skills.

Whatever diversification venture you are considering, our team will work closely with you through all stages of the development. From initial enquiry, concept of ideas through to managing the completion of your venture. We are always on hand to make sure every step of the project runs efficiently to the highest standard. Appetite Me offers bespoke diversification projects designed to revitalise rural locations and add value to existing businesses.

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