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Product Development


We are experts in food and drink development, whether that’s developing new products from concept through to launch, improving established ranges, or consulting on your existing products. Our passion and knowledge enables us to create bespoke packages with flexible pricing to ensure you get the most out of the development process. Appetite Me specialises in helping customers explore new products and flavours, develop private label products, capitalise on new food trends, improve existing food products and optimise operational costs. We understand that market demands are consistently changing, which is why we stay on the front foot of trends, so we can help you create innovative and flavour demanding products, enabling your products to evolve to meet target audience demand.

Through our range of diverse services, our professionals can help you to understand your target market, identify incremental opportunities and ensure your product development projects have clear action standards and deliverable goals. By staying up to date with food and drink trends we provide valuable insights to help you stay ahead of your competitors. From recipe and development, ingredient sourcing, cost and product optimisation, to nutrition, label information and packaging development we can aid through all stages in development from initial concept all the way through to seamless commercial production and launch. We 

combine research, creativity and genuine culinary skills to help companies to produce innovative products that get their customers taste buds tingling.


From start ups to global branches and everything in-between, our consultants create and develop products that deliver on outstanding taste, drives sales, cash profit and grow brand equity, whilst remaining cost effective and commercial.

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