Our aim is to bring expert retailers and garden centres together with the objective of ‘weather proofing’ the garden centre's business by developing them into desirable retail destinations, by incorporating demand lead profitable offerings. Concessions are now an integrated part of modern garden centres by adding an overall appeal and relaxed informal shopping environments, that are vastly becoming the consumers preferred choice of retail destinations.

Concessions trade as an independent business from their own designated area, there are two ways these can be operated - manned or unmanned. Long-term concessions tend to trade with their own staff and till points, whereas unmanned concessions tend to operate under their own branding and are supported by merchandisers that look after and restock products.

Our consultants use their in-depth understanding and vast industry experience of garden centres, concession management and retail development to create the highest offering that meets your business needs. We offer an unbiased, professional service to best advise you of the options that will maximise turnover along with analysing the flow and profit margins of your current displays.

Through detailed analysis we can educate you on which sections are performing well and pin point weak areas. With this data we can generate an in-depth floor plan where we can aid you to boost profit by increasing the average customer spend and profit per square foot, through optimising space and flow. Our Auto CAD drawings will allow you to see opportunities for potential new income revenues such as own brought departments, concessions and even restaurants and cafes.

Appetite Me can project manage the whole process from recommending the best retailers or solutions for space, to arranging leases, rent reviews and tenant queries and negotiations, making the whole process as simple for you as possible. Our services don’t stop after the new displays and concessions have been set up; we offer a continual package that manages the concessions year on year, by reviewing agreements, creating yearly summaries, terminations, lease renewals and relocations. You can rest assure that your offerings are reaching their highest profit potential, through well planned shopping displays and excellent complimentary concessions.

Becoming A Concession

Are you a butchery, green grocer or other food or beverage produce artisan who has been looking for new ways to expand your business? A concession may be the next logical step. Concessions enable businesses to promote their products and services to members of the public within a retail environment. There are many benefits to partnering as a concession, from experimental marketing and research, to new product launches, and ultimately promoting your business to a larger number of potential customers in a lucrative alternative outlet to the struggling high street.

With little to no capital expense, a concession would be a low risk venture for your business; as the only financial commitment required is rent and a small negotiable sales commission. As all equipment needed is purchased and maintained by the host centre you are essentially gaining another shop for a minimal set up expense.

Our clients want to offer their customers the very best offerings possible, so there is the potential that the host retailer may source supplies for other outlets (cafes and restaurants ect) through you. Thus creating further potential income revenues where you will support multiple decks which in turn will generate more sales.

There are two options to running a concession, you have the option to sell directly to the customer, or if you would prefer there is the option to simply stock the concession with your products. The latter will involve sales going through the retailers EPoS system. An EPoS system can provide detailed reporting not just for marketing and accounting purposes, but also providing invaluable insights enabling you to plan your displays effectively for your customers needs, resulting in greater profit margins.


By choosing to use your expertise and experience in a concession you are not only taking advantage of substantial financial incentives, you are also increasing your exposure to potential customers with no risk to your core business. Our consultants work tirelessly to ensure they do everything possible to support our clients, both retailers and concessions. From setting up your social media platforms, marketing material, newsletter campaigns, to advising on your display layout. You can be feel confident that you have a team of professionals on hand to help you and your business.