Cafe Restaurants


With many years of experience and expertise our consultants bring their knowledge and creative vision to design stylish cafe restaurants which are sympathetic to the surrounding environment. Our budget focused professionals use their skills to procure all hardware and soft furnishings required that best suit your specification and captures the ambience you are wishing to create. We source the best local and regional suppliers to ensure your cafe restaurant has the highest quality offering, which in turn increases footfall and profit margin, while keeping food miles to the minimum. With a well planned food and drinks menu and high quality staff we create a consistent enriched offering that will build a strong relationship and return custom with your customers. Seasons play a big role in food, especially with local produce, we develop menus that work with the seasons, ensuring your customers receive the freshest food offerings.

Appetite Me work closely with local authorities and liaise with environment health officials to ensure your business is working within the councils guidelines. From registering your premise for food use, obtaining alcohol and music licences to arranging staff to attend various legal courses; our experts are here to ensure your business has everything needed to create the offering you desire.

Whether you already have an established business, or are starting a new venture, Appetite Me can advise you on ways to improve your profitability. Through our specialised knowledge we can suggest strategies on how to increase sales through enhanced food standards and service. From the initial design of your cafe restaurant through to its realisation our consultants will be there to aid and advise you through each process. We create efficient back-of-house areas, fully functional kitchens, sourcing all hardware equipment, through to designing workstations, front-of-house drinks and seating and restroom areas.

We also offer a bespoke menu development service working with you to create a delicious offering that appeals to your clientele, from light snacks and artisan cakes to seasonal dishes, we can tailor it completely around your requirements. Through our knowledge and skills we create a sound customer loyalty structure to encourage repeat trade.