Creating an identity for your business

Branding & design

Creative branding is pivotal to business success, fostering strong audience connections and communicating your brand values. A unique brand identity promotes customer loyalty and sets you apart from competitors. A robust branding strategy resonates emotionally with consumers, leading to increased sales and market share. Our skilled designers are committed to defining your key messages and crafting a brand that inspires loyalty. Partner with us to ensure your brand stands out, resonates with your audience, and drives repeat business.

Our branding services can be divided into two categories

1. Creating a new brand
For businesses wanting a complete makeover or new brand.

2. Refining an existing brand
Minor improvements to an existing and well-established brand.

Creating a new brand

Launching a business and need a powerful identity? Or are you an established company ready for a total brand overhaul and strategic redirection? Our branding service is for you. We offer custom solutions for new identities or brand transformations. From concept to strategy, we guide your brand’s evolution. Through questionnaires and consultations, we tailor brands to your audience, ethos, and aesthetic. Working with our interior designer, throughout the design process, we ensure a cohesive visual identity across your entire project. Using our hospitality and retail knowledge, we create a unique brand story that sets you apart from your competitors.

Refining an existing brand

We offer a service to elevate your existing brand, aligning it more closely with your core values. Our team of creative designers will assess your current brand identity, identify areas for improvement, and suggest slight changes that enhance your image and strengthen customer connections without losing recognisability. This strategic process can increase recognition, boost customer loyalty, and contribute to long-term success by striking the right balance between preserving your brand’s current essence.

Applying your branding

Menu design

Menu design is an essential aspect of the restaurant business, aiming to present offerings in a way that is attractive and easy for customers to navigate.

Leaflet & flyers

We create compelling leaflet and flyer designs, tailored to capture attention and effectively communicate your message to your target audience.

Loyalty cards

Designing loyalty and coffee reward cards encourages repeat business by offering visually appealing and easy-to-use incentives for your customers.

Branded uniforms

We design and source uniforms, ensuring your team represents your brand consistently and professionally, enhancing both team unity and brand recognition.

Exhibition & stand graphics

We create engaging, visually striking spaces that effectively showcase your brand or product, drawing in attendees and making a memorable impact at any event.

Vehicle graphics

We transform your company vehicles into mobile billboards, creating eye-catching designs that promote your brand and services wherever you go.

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