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Branding & Design


At Appetite Me we understand the importance of your branding, it goes far beyond your name, logo and colours. It’s your DNA, the emotive connection you make with people interacting with your brand on all levels. Our Creative Department build strong professional relationships with our clients enabling them to understand your business as well as gain a greater understanding of what makes your consumers and target audience tick. With this in-depth insight we design brands that communicate in a uniquely impactful and engaging way.

Through creative brand strategy, messaging and visual style we build you a set of tools to effectively communicate and engage with your target audience. Whether you are trying to grow trust, quality and confidence or telling customers where to find your product or service, we can help turn your vision into reality with our forward-thinking solutions to create and grow successful brands. We believe every business is unique with its own values and ambitions, and that’s why we appreciate that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. This is why we create tailored packages that not only meet your budget, but also solve your personalised objectives and needs.

We make sure you are involved in the whole process, to ensure what we are saying is in line with your brand's positioning, presence and tone of voice. The process starts with in-depth research into your audience, peers and competitors, as well as your business brand history and future aspirations. From this research, our creative team design effective and beautiful visual communications bespoke for your brand.


Our designers will present a range of creative options, refining the creative collaboration with you until we arrive at an ideal fit for your business. Last but not least is delivery; we implement your branding over a diverse range of outlets. From printed material and packaging to point of sale and product development, from website design and management to setting up a successful social media marketing campaign, we encompass your brand’s purpose with desirable and original creativity.

Our multi-disciplinary brand experts help businesses on every scale become attractive, engaging and high-performing brands. We create future-proof brands that are not only right for you now but allow you to adapt and grow in the ever changing multi-media world. 


Our services don’t have to finish after the delivery of your new branding, we can also help keep your website up to date, your promotion fresh, and your campaigns relevant and integrated. We can take on the role of your ongoing, on tap, outsourced creative department.


Our Creative Department work closely with specialist label printers, Labelnet, often working in tandem with our product development team to create distinctive and memorable product labels that get noticed in an ever competitive retail environment. We also work with intellectual property lawyers to help register your trademark and ensure future protection of your brand in a busy marketplace.

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