The importance of local sourcing and ranging

Local sourcing has become a buzzword when it comes to food and drink. Almost every hospitality business will rightly claim to prefer to support local business, both for the local economy and the environment. There will always be those that make wild claims to cash-in on customers who want the feel-good green factor, but by backing up your claims with real community initiatives you can really set your sustainability efforts apart, and offer your customers products not available on the high street.

Customers intrinsically know the value and the importance of buying locally sourced food. They feel a sense of pride by buying goods from a farm that could be just down the road or from someone they pass in a street every week. The greater variety of locally sourced products customers see displayed or served in your business, the better the community’s feel good factor and togetherness will be. These people in turn will likely become regular consumers and build a foundation of trade for you.

The task of sourcing local and regional food yourself can seem daunting. It is easy to look to your competition and simply copy the offer, but this will not give you a competitive edge. Locating and negotiating with small artisan producers can be very time consuming, especially across multiple ranges, which is why most people struggle. It requires a good understanding of the market, and a firm grasp of knowing what will sell, and most importantly, what margins you should look to achieve.

Appetite Me has the experience and knowledge to select the right products for whatever kind of retail or hospitality business you have. Using an effective category management system that is central to the success of every ambitious retailer. The selection of the right retail products is one of the most important levers in driving sales forward in today’s competitive market.

Appetite Me promote and support local and regional food suppliers and our strength is in our ability to source the best local and regional products for you. This approach is critical when it comes to ranging the best food outlets, restaurants, delis, and even local gastro pubs.

Advantages of promoting local and regional products

  • Good for image, demonstrating investment in the local community
  • Good for local suppliers who benefit from serving their local community
  • Easier to travel to suppliers for product development, management, and site inspection purposes
  • Easier to satisfy local preferences and source specialised products
  • Shorter supply chains and therefore greater predictability of delivery times and lower costs

We understand the importance of building solid relationships with suppliers and we are highly experienced in dealing with, assessing and matching all supplier categories to ensure that they meet your business needs. By working closely with local suppliers we can ensure not only arrange for regular tastings and ‘meet the producer’ events to promote your business, but also that you and your staff have the right product knowledge of your range to pass onto customers. We also work closely with experienced butchers, fishmongers, grocers, and cheese mongers to ensure that the products on offer are not only of the highest standard, but are merchandised professionally to drive sales.

Our aim is to help your team to instil and adopt a quality mind-set in order to implement as many ranges as possible to increase turnover and footfall and ultimately, profit.

There are also few better ways to enhance your image in the retail and hospitality industry than to proudly show your support your local community and its businesses, and then to actually deliver on your statement. With the general public becoming more and more aware of the importance of local produce, prominently displaying items with no clear providence, or that are available in the supermarkets is unlikely to encourage customers to spend with you.