Appetite Me specialise in diversification of land into a variety of profitable revenue streams. Whether you are a land owner looking to build a concession village within the grounds of your estate, or a farmer wanting to create your own brand based on your produce, our diversification expertise can offer you a range of potential business ideas to consider.

Diversification is the process by which an establishment (whether it be a country estate, farm, or garden centre) branches out from its traditional means into new projects. Diversification opens up opportunities for business growth and development, acquiring new customers, increased revenue, and utilising already existing expertise and developing new skills. Diversification can range from small to large scale projects. Smaller operations may include adapting your current products to include own-label produce or catering for specialised dietary requirements using local suppliers. Larger projects may include building a new concessions outlet, cafe, restaurant, or play barn on your premises.

Our team work closely with you throughout all of the stages of development, from the initial enquiry and concept of ideas to project managing the completion of your venture. Appetite Me offers unique and tailor made diversification projects designed to revitalise rural locations, and add value to existing businesses.

Grants are available for farm owners planning to diversify their land due to the government allocating financial resources to encourage growth in the rural economy. Appetite Me can help you to discover more about how you can turn your dream of diversification into a reality.

To find out more about the benefits of diversification and how Appetite Me can help visit our funding information and farmer diversification information.

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