Appetite Me promote and support local and regional food suppliers and our strength is in our ability to source the best local and regional foods for restaurants, food halls and shops. This approach is critical when it comes to ranging the best food outlets, restaurants and even local gastro pubs. Local communities now expect to see local produce within the shops and eateries they frequent, supporting the region through ethical business methods has never as important as it is today.

Our team work directly with suppliers in your area and with many regional food groups throughout the United Kingdom to bring you the very best in locally produced food, beverage and lifestyle products for your business.
We work closely with regional suppliers such as:

Deliciously Yorkshire               Heart of England Fine Foods

Produced in Kent                   Tastes of South East

Tastes of Anglia                               Tastes of The South West

South West Food and Drink


At Appetite Me, we understand the importance of building solid relationships with suppliers and we are highly experienced in dealing with, assessing and matching all supplier categories and ensuring that they meet your business needs. Our aim is to help your team to instil and adopt a quality mindset in order to implement as many ranges as possible to increase turnover and footfall and ultimately, profit.

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