Appetite Me specialise in the design and arrangement of food halls and farm shops, for both independent enterprises and group businesses.

Our passion for local and regional produce is a strong one. The four major categories of fresh and ambient foods, kitchen cupboard specialities and wine are the staples. We can also introduce your business to further products that may be appropriate to your business needs, for example:  fresh and local fruit and vegetables; fresh British flowers; local and regional meat counters (for both pre-packed and staffed-served products); fish counters or weekly fish vans; dairy, cheese and delicatessen counters;  fresh chocolate cabinets ; hampers and amazing presentation and gift boxes.

To help you increase your own brand awareness and quality, Appetite me can also manage the introduction of your own specialised food label across your fresh food ranges, beverages and kitchen cupboard essentials. We also ensure that the correct Electric Point of Sales system is put in place, helping you and your staff to run and manage your food retail business both efficiently and effectively.

The Appetite Me team will keep your business up to date with the latest regional and national food and drink trends, ensuring that you have the products on the shelves that the customers want. We can also set up e-commerce systems and accounts to maximise your business fully using additional remote and off site sales.

Seasonal procurement is an absolute must for any food retailer, representing a significant amount of sales turnover throughout the year, be it the Christmas period, New Year, Easter, Summer and Autumn. Appetite Me will help you and your customers enjoy the best produce during every holiday and season.


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